NC Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission COVID-19 Response

Updated COVID-19 Response published March 23, 2022

Documents may be left in a drop box on the front porch of the OSH Review Commission building at 422 North Blount Street, Raleigh or sent thru the mail. All matters which are scheduled for hearing or pre-hearing or appeal before the Review Commission may be held remotely via phone or video.

Although our current rules do not allow for e-filing, we will allow an emailed document to establish the date of filing.  The original must still be delivered to our office within 30 days of the email with a copy of the dated email attached.  Emails should be sent to our general email box: and to the email of any party that would normally be served if possible.  Email documents may have an electronic signature. When the original is received in this office, the document will be file stamped with the date established on the email.